Coaching & Motivational

“Unlocking people’s potential in order to maximise their own performance” (J Whitmore)

Coaching offers the opportunity to examine and reflect on how we behave and act in all areas of our lives. For example, you may wish to enhance your impact as a leader, addressing challenges around decisiveness, relationships or performance. With Executive Coaching you would partnered through your journey, receiving firm-challenge and close-support, whilst enabling reflection, ownership and transformation. This style of coaching can also prove incredibly effective with a senior team or board who are experiencing a behavioural or transformational challenge.

Life and NLP Coaching can be utilised to enable an individual to overcome phobias and problems, or achieve personal goals and desires. Through a thoughtful and personalised 1:1 coaching arrangement, you’ll be able to eliminate barriers and blockers, and forge a clearer way path to your desired state and goals.

Coaching can occur as a ‘face to face’ meeting or as a session online. Creating the optimum atmosphere for coaching is key and this formula is unique to every client.

A Motivational Talk, Presentation or Key-Note at your workplace or company event, might be just what’s required to frame, wrap-up or launch the occasion. We offer some wonderful stories and experiences – linked with excellent slide and audio.